Larabars! 3 amazing flavors: Coffee Coconut + Chocolate Gingersnap + Cherry Cocoa Almond


So  2/2 of my recipes posts have been larabars...we kinda like them around here. :) They're healthy AND sweet, that's a win. They're also super easy to make, with few ingredients. Today I have 3 different spins to the traditional dried fruit larabars. They're all gluten free, but only the coconut coffee is grain/refined sugar free. The cocoa on the almonds and the dark chocolate on the ginger has added sugar. Who can resist dark chocolate? And the gingersnaps, YUM!!! They are my weakness. Anything ginger. I used gluten free ginger snaps, so all 3 recipes are raw+gluten free. Below are a few reasons these top my list as summer's sexiest snack. Yes, I called them sexy. Took that from self magazine. Haha.


sources //12// Larabars are made up of a date+nut base mixture and then the mix-ins, usually consisting of dried fruit and spices.

Don't worry being really precise with the recipe measurements, you can approximate and still be really successful making Larabars.

The two groups of ingredients are the Base Mixture & the Mix-ins:

Base Mixture:

  • 1 1/2 cups medjool dates (you'll need to remove the pit)
  • 1 cup any type of nuts -I usually use a mix of cashews + almonds

Mix-ins:  these will depend on what type of bar you're making, usually consist of dried fruit + spices and a bit of honey or coconut oil (look at the recipes below to get more specifics)

  • simple recommendation:  at least 1/2 - 1 cup dried fruit

Step by step directions below:



1. Remove the pit from inside your dates.

2. Gather the types of nuts you plan to add. I use about 1 1/2 cup dates for every 1 cup nuts. These ingredients will make up your base mixture.

3. Pulse nuts & dates in food processor until a thick paste forms. If it looks really dry at this point, you can add some more dates. The mixture should be pretty sticky.

4. Base mixture complete.

5. You can do your mix-ins, one of two ways: You can add the mix-ins to your base mixture and re-pulse in the food processor, OR you can pulse the mix-ins on their own and mix them into the base mixture using your hands. Either one works very well. My food processor is kinda small, so I found when making these that it was easier for me to pulse the mix-ins separately and then mix them into the base mixture using my hands.

6. Then when all your ingredients are mixed together, press the mixture into a baking pan and put in the fridge to chill. When mixture has hardened you can cut into bars, squares, or cookie cutter hearts! :)

We love these three flavors below! Enjoy.


I actually forgot to add in the vanilla and cocoa to this batch, and they still turned out great! See what I said about not being precise? You can really just add what you like and figure out some yummy mixtures. I've used vanilla + cocoa in the past and it's a yummy addition! *I got the dark cocoa almonds + cherries from whole foods. Coconut oil from trader joes.

coffee-coconut-larabarsThese guys are SCD legal --grain/sugar free. The coffee is such a good addition!! Grant thinks these ones taste like chocolate covered expresso beans (even though they don't actually have chocolate in them).


I love all things ginger, especially ginger snaps! This was a no brainer. The ginger snaps are from whole foods (but you can buy gluten free ones at Jewel too!) The dark chocolate covered ginger bites are from whole foods as well, the bulk chocolate section. I only buy about 1/2 a cup. Don't pulse the ginger snaps down to crumbs. I'd recommend leaving  some small pieces in the mixture.

I put them in small sandwich bags (the cheap kind that just tuck and fold over) and store them in the fridge for up to a few weeks (they neverrrrr last that long). Enjoy!!


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