//A D V E N T U R E//


       An ADVENTURE sounds like something fun: a new exotic place, a road trip, a vacation, BUTTT…Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines an adventure as: an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks. Yikes! The unknown is tough. I’m a planner, and I like to know what’s to come (don’t we all?), but the fact is, we don’t know what life will bring. I want to learn to embrace life’s uncertainties as an adventure, be a little more go with the flow instead of trying to direct it to be just how I want/think it should be. I want to revel in the unknown and have peace although it’s risky. Even though I can’t tell what’s ahead, I want to enjoy the here and now, the ride. I’m trying//learning to embrace our own adventure by:     


1. for God’s faithfulness            2.  my family, my husband 

3. good health                            4. my job

not looking out/ at other’s lives, but being thankful & looking at ways to celebrate today. Let’s be adventurers…content with not knowing, embracing the surprises (with a good attitude!!) : ) The top left image is Grant and I when we visited my family way back when in Dubai. My sister snapped some pictures of us jumping off the dunes! Isn’t that what life is like sometimes!? Woahhhhhh…



P.S! Isn't that JK Rowling print radical!?! Link for all prints below!

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