Raspberry Picking!

Before even more time passes I thought I'd post a few pictures from our raspberry picking outing a few weeks back! It was our first time picking raspberries and I definitely want to go again before the season ends. We got 1pint for $3 and in stores they run 1/2 pint for the same price! Woo hoo. That made it even more fun! :) We got 8 pints and they were gone within a week. I mean let's be real, I could easily eat a pint by myself in one sitting. They are SO good! Grant used our dehydrator to dry out a few pints and we ate the rest raw. YUM!!


^^Found out I own berry picking shoes! ^^


The farm was about 45minutes away, so we got to take a little road trip. :) I love getting away from the familiar, even just for a few hours! It felt like a vacation. The windows down listening to Mumford & Sons, a great way to spend a Saturday morning. While we were picking, the woman who lives on the farm and runs the business came out to meet us. It's run on the honor system, so you pick what you want and then put your money in a little mailbox to pay. She was really sweet and she said that she doesn't use any pesticides on any of her plants ie: the berries were organic! That was exciting, especially for $3/pint.


^^What a stud. ^^



^^^ happy about our 8 pints!! ^^^


Berries are great because they're really low in sugar. I've been surprised to learn how much sugar there is in fruit. It's natural, which is better than refined (obviously), but if you're sensitive to sugar you can still get a reaction from it. Oftentimes, if I have too much sugar I get tired. I love learning about the science behind our food. Grant's health has improved significantly because we've changed our diet. It's exciting to see the change in him.

I've been cooking a ton lately. I mean A TON. Like dinner every night. I've been very proud of myself. :) It's a lot of work! Grant always says it would be easier for me to "clean as I go", but I can't clean as I go because I'm busy cooking (so I tell myself). Haha! I've snapped some pictures and I'll get around to posting the recipes at some point. Fall has officially arrived at our house. I made grain-free/sugar-free pumpkin bars this week. Yum. I also got a pumpkin chai candle from Home Goods. Uhhmazing. :) Happy Fall! Next on the list of things to do: apple picking & pumpkin picking! xo