Gold Legs

Along with the vintage dresser makeover, I also did a little ikea hack this summer. For those who don't know what an ikea hack is (my husband) it's just a modification or repurposing of an ikea product. There are so many amazing ikea hacks, but this one with its gold legs and its simple design caught my eye. The fact that it was $40 bucks total and only involved a can of spray paint didn't hurt either! I would've bought the long table, but this little guy fits the space perfectly. All I did was put the legs together, paint them gold and BAM, done! :) I love to do projects and missed having a little space of my own to hold some of my favorite little things, to write letters, type, study, mostly just to decorate. :) I hung up the tassel garland I made for my mom's picnic birthday party along with some of my other favorite things. I like leaning the pictures instead of hanging them, so I can swap them out easily. I'm sure I'll continually change the space, but for now I like it!  :)