September Pins + Fall Colors 01


Here are a few of my favorite September pins (and one picture from instagram). Several of these are stolen from my sister Claire's pinterest. She seriously has a gift for pinning the best stuff. (Love you, Bear!) Ever since I got a manicure early last month (I picked Wicked, by Essie), I've been obsessed with these dark colors...and that tattoo up top?!! Woah! Gorgeous. Made me think about getting one. ;) I guess the scoop from NYC is that grey nails are a fall trend this year-?? I don't know if I'll try grey, but I'd definitely go for this gorgeous black matte. 

Left to Right::: 1. finger tattoo via: johnna holmgren 2. lips 3. jacket 4. ballerina 5. rings

*Another sweet finger tattoo. **This tea house in Brooklyn has rich dark walls. So romantic and warm.