HBD love + momofuku milk bar cake


Both of my sisters are really incredible and inspiring people (each in their own way!) Celebrating my sister, claire, on her day today! HBD!!!! xoxo


Claire went to school in NYC and a few years back I made the momofuku birthday cake for her. I knew (more than anyone else) SHE would recognize it and appreciate it! It did require a bit of pre-planning (ordering ingredients online) and some time to prep the different pieces, homemade cake/frosting/cookie crumble, but it turned out to be as delicious as it’s hyped up to be and it’s just a really fun confetti “let’s party” cake! I loved hearing the backstory about the cake and how chef Christina Tossi started her creative journey on Chef’s Table Pastry (episode 1). She makes ice cream out of different cereal milks (cinnamon toast crunch!!!!) Watching that episode made me want to be friends with her anddddd made me love her cake/recipes even more. The recipe looks a little intimidating, but really it’s not that hard! Recipe on bon appetit!