Piet Mondrian Calling Card, from the archives


Found this calling card in the MET archives recently. Loved the simplicity.

Learned a little about Mondrian’s parents and home while I was digging around (always doing something while we watch TV)…”Art and music were encouraged in his household. His father, the headmaster of the local primary school, was an enthusiastic amateur artist who gave drawing lessons to his son, while Mondrian's uncle, Fritz Mondrian, was an accomplished artist who taught his nephew to paint.” (The Art Story) Always fascinates me how many artists come from artist families—-Picasso’s dad was an artist and art professor, Andy Warhol’s mom was not professional but also a very talented artist who would hold “drawing competitions” between Andy and his brother (the winner would get a Hershey’s chocolate bar) :)..Andy Warhol and his mom even wrote a cute book together with her writing and his doodles. ..Makes me think about how the hobbies and passions I have will impact my own kids.

This tiny little card just caught my eye and I thought something about it was lovely.