Artist spotlight// Elena Romanova

octopusIsn't that gorgeous? I'm not even into octopi/octopuses---will the plural of octopus please stand up? ..Apparently you can say octopuses or octopi. (??) allllll that to say...I love the colors and perspective of this watercolor. Maybe if I had kids I'd put the print in their room/bathroom. Maybe I should buy it now (my husband would say no!) and put it on my desk. : ) I do think it's one you can look at for a long time. It reminds me of this stunning room. Elena has many other lovely watercolors available in her Etsy shop. I like the giraffe and look at this little dude and his glasses--now that would be a good one to have around. He'd definitely make you smile. For original artwork her prices are incredibly reasonable, $90 for a 13x11! You can find her prints for sale in her Etsy shop, fairysomnia.

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