HBD love + momofuku milk bar cake


Both of my sisters are really incredible and inspiring people (each in their own way!) Celebrating my sister, claire, on her day today! HBD!!!! xoxo


Claire went to school in NYC and a few years back I made the momofuku birthday cake for her. I knew (more than anyone else) SHE would recognize it and appreciate it! It did require a bit of pre-planning (ordering ingredients online) and some time to prep the different pieces, homemade cake/frosting/cookie crumble, but it turned out to be as delicious as it’s hyped up to be and it’s just a really fun confetti “let’s party” cake! I loved hearing the backstory about the cake and how chef Christina Tossi started her creative journey on Chef’s Table Pastry (episode 1). She makes ice cream out of different cereal milks (cinnamon toast crunch!!!!) Watching that episode made me want to be friends with her anddddd made me love her cake/recipes even more. The recipe looks a little intimidating, but really it’s not that hard! Recipe on bon appetit!

Building a Home


It has been such a dream to start decorating and making our new home our own. We’ve only been here for 7ish weeks, so it’s all new and still very much in the works..although I’m always drawn to dark walls we chose a bright white (benjamin moore chantilly lace) and I’m really happy with it!! We have some high ceilings and I knew the bright white would capitalize on all the light. anyway, I always want to live in every Soho House I see, so I’m constantly going back to those images..so beautiful!! I just discovered they have a shop too!

soho house favorites: the allis, 76 dean street

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to design our home..what I want my children to see on our walls, the feeling our friends/family will have when they come over… how can I create a space that is warm, orderly, kid-friendly and full of artwork that is meaningful to me…these bits from different interviews I’ve read have been on my mind…

Dax Roll and Joyce Urbanus of Amsterdam-based design studio Nicemakers, from “House to Home” (via SohoHouse) talk about their design philosophy and the feeling they try to create in their spaces: something warm, lived in…

Joyce— ‘What’s most important to us is that the spaces we design don't feel new. We had a couple of openings, in a bar and in one of the penthouse projects we did, where people said to us when they arrived for the first time it felt like it had already been there for a long time. It feels very natural, considered, but not contrived.’ 

Dax —‘It feels like the restaurant had been open for a long time already, or people had been living there for a couple of years and had already travelled the world and collected some nice art and objects.’

 Dax Roll and Joyce Urbanus bedroom (above)

Dax Roll and Joyce Urbanus bedroom (above)

I’ve been also thinking about the artwork I want to display..where..how much..which ones etc…Anna Bond’s beautiful home really inspired me to be selective. Anna hung only one painting on her dining wall and really let it have it’s own moment. Thinking about having your home be a serene haven from the fullness of the day, a blank canvas when your day is full of busyness and color…

Anna Bond and her husband Nathan spend their days running Rifle Paper Co., the beloved stationery brand with more than 175 employees, so they want their home to feel like a haven. “Friends come over and say, ‘There’s no color!’” says Anna. “But we need a place that is totally serene.” (via)


The Butcher’s Daughter in LA is also one of my favorite interiors— soooo insanely amazing inside- the plants!!!


Tips For Painting with Kids & Watercolor Wrapping Paper


We bought a home at the end of August and many of our non-essentials (like wrapping paper!) are still packed in boxes. We are celebrating my sister, (aka Aunt Bear’s), birthday tomorrow and Liv and I threw together some fun wrapping paper this morning. I hadn’t planned on using the painting for wrapping paper, but the colors were so fun! After showing Liv how to add water to the paint and mix it up, I just let her loose to paint. When she was ready to move on to a new fresh page I added some geometric shapes to her painting and we let it dry. I couldn’t find any tape, so I ended up using binder clips! :) (Worked pretty well if you’re ever in a bind!)

I’ve always dreamed of doing a lot of different types of art & art projects with my kids. I was just as excited as Liv to paint together this morning!!

A few tips I’ve discovered for painting with kids (Liv is 2.5 years old).

  1. -Use BIG pieces of paper! This helped us get Iess paint on the table.

  2. -If your child isn’t interested wait a few months and try again. Liv wasn’t really into the paint set when I bought it for her 2nd birthday (again, I was super excited about painting with her, haha). She wasn’t feeling it and got frustrated with adding water to the paint, butttttt a few months later and she was super pumped when I pulled it out this morning!

  3. -Use a bowl for the water and only put enough in to cover the bottom of the bowl: using a bowl helped us not knock it over (a cup was more dangerous)..and putting a TINY bit of water in also helped make the whole thing less dangerous! :)

  4. -don’t let the activity go on for too long! After about 20-30min Liv started painting her shirt and face haha..at that point we decided to wrap it up and go back to crayons haha :)

***The Mattise print above is from the MOMA online archives (ahhh, it’s amazing!). It’s a exhibition brochure that I discovered while digging through all the incredible stuff they have archived. Insanely cool documents!

Letters to Theo

Liv's Montessori Inspired Nursery

Liv Puzzle.JPG

Now that Liv is officially a full toddler (running, talking, exploring everything!) I have continued to add to her room, building on Montessori principles and rotating and buying a few new toys now that she is older. Her room has changed even since I took these pictures (they are from February and she now sleeps in a big girl bed)! Woo hooo!

Montessori is an educational philosophy and a whole system of education (based on the scientific work of Maria Montessori) in which the environment is very intentional and set up in a very ordered way. There is a lot more to it, but the environment is a really key piece. Activities are grouped and stored on a tray or in a basket. One of the cool things I learned from the Montessori philosophy is to store all the pieces of a puzzle in a basket on top of the puzzle. If you store the puzzle with the pieces in their proper place (already complete) there is little desire for a child to pick it up and do the puzzle, because it's already done. 

I am not 100% Montessori by any means, but I have used many Montessori principles throughout our home. I rotate our toys/books not putting them all out at once in an effort to keep the space organized and so that Liv can enjoy them without it feeling overwhelming or stuffy in her room. I have been so surprised how well Liv puts her toys back and I think it is because it is easy for her to know where it goes. One toy, one spot. Skills such as sorting, hand-eye coordination, and the exploration of materials to build etc...are all Montessori rooted. It is a beautiful approach to education. Here are a few of my favorite Montessori resources: The Kavanaugh Report & The Montessori Notebook. I love building a fun space for Liv and I'll continue to change and tweak it as Cohen eventually moves in there too. 


Liv using her water painting board (below) and of course drinking the water (haha, my fault for putting the water in a tea cup)!