Oat Flour Birthday Cake (gluten free)


For Cohen’s first birthday I made the easiest gluten free cake out of oat flour. I’m shocked with how good it tasted. Oat flour is my favorite go to gluten free flour because it’s pretty healthy and easy to make quickly in my blender. I’m always double or tripling recipes (muffins, usually) so I make it in large batches dumping it into my vitamix and blitzing the oats until it’s flour. The cake looks dense in the pictures, but the texture was like a scone.

cohenCake oat Flour.JPG

I used this vegan vanilla cupcake recipe from Feasting On Fruit and instead of making cupcakes I made two 9” round cakes. I think I doubled (maybe tripled?) the recipe. The first round cake I used a plastic cup to cut out the two mini layers and just stacked them on top of each other to make Cohen’s tiny cake. The second round cake I cut into slices (scone shapes) for everyone to eat with brunch. I hadn’t thought much about Cohen’s cake and decided last minute to try the new recipe. Cohen literally dove face first into the cake, so I really felt like it was a success :)

Thinking next time I make this recipe I’m going to try mixing-in maybe pumpkin, apple, or some ginger, molasses or cranberries! yummmm

cohen oat flour cake 3.JPG